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The group size of our guided tours is limited to a maximum of five pax (excluding guide). You are encouraged to check in with our front desk on the tour schedule. 

Please note that all participants of our guided tours will be required to adhere to safe management measures as indicated on the Checklist of Safe Measurement Measures for Museum Stakeholders that is available on NHB’s website. These include:

i.    Participants to sanitise their hands prior to the start of the tour.
ii.   Participants to wear masks at all times.
iii.  Participants from different sub-groups should not intermingle, and should maintain at least 1 metre spacing from other sub-groups or tour groups.
iv.  Participants should refrain from speaking loudly.


English Guided Tours


Permanent Galleries



Tour Resumption Date

*Might subject to further changes in line with latest safe management measures

Saturday and Sunday

3.00 pm

 21 August 2021

Special Exhibition

Friday 10.30am  3 September 2021


1.30 pm

 21 August 2021


1.30 pm

 22 August 2021
 *Only available from July – October 2021

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