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Planning a visit to the Memorial Hall? Watch this video and learn the dos and don’ts when visiting a museum.


Food / Drink

Please consume all food and drink before entering the Memorial Hall. Food and drink are not permitted in the galleries, as this will attract ants and other pests.

Be Litter-free

Please be considerate and dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided.

Safety First

Your safety is important to us. Please do not lean on showcases as they may crack under pressure. Please refrain from rowdy behaviour in the Memorial Hall as you may cause injury to yourself or others.

Touching of Artefacts

Please refrain from touching any artefacts on open display. Touching artefacts, paintings or works are prohibited, as the natural oils from your fingers will contaminate the artefacts.

Photography / Videography

Please take photographs without flash, as strong lights may damage sensitive materials such as paper and textile. This is also why certain areas in the galleries are dimly lit.



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About Us

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