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Permanent Galleries
Gallery 1
Gallery 1

This gallery introduces visitors to the history of the villa. Learn about Teo Eng Hock, Lim Nee Soon and Tan Chor Lam, the key supporters of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Singapore.

Gallery 2
Gallery 2

This gallery explores the role played by Singapore as the headquarters of Tong Meng Hui (Chinese Revolutionary Alliance) in Southeast Asia.

Gallery 3
Gallery 3

This gallery highlights the impact the 1911 Revolution had on the Chinese community in both Singapore and the region.

Gallery 4
Gallery 4

This gallery explores the economic and social contributions of Chinese business pioneers to Singapore and the development of the local Chinese community.

Special Exhibitions
From Brush to Lens
From Brush to Lens: Early Chinese Photography Studios in Singapore

This exhibition displays photographs taken over 100 years ago by early photography studios in Singapore. Discover more about early photography studios and the people of early Singapore.

Between the Lines
Between the Lines - The Chinese Cartoon Revolution

This exhibition showcases Chinese cartoons from Singapore and China between the 19th to 20th century. Learn more about the history and development of local Chinese cartoons through these fun exercises.

Children’s Activity Kits
Let’s Celebrate with Uncle Ting: Mid-Autumn Festival
Let’s Celebrate with Uncle Ting: Mid-Autumn Festival

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon is usually at its brightest and fullest. Join Uncle Ting to learn more about the legend of Chang’E and popular customs associated with this festival through a series of fun activities including lantern making!

Let's Learn with Uncle Ting: Chinese Calligraphy
Let’s Learn with Uncle Ting: Chinese Calligraphy

In ancient China, scholars relied on the Four Treasures of the Study – the ink brush, ink stink, paper and inkstone. Learn more about Chinese calligraphy through a series of fun activities.

Let's Learn with Uncle Ting
Let’s Learn with Uncle Ting: Chinese Opera

Delve into the colourful world of Chinese opera with news journalist, Uncle Ting. Learn about this fascinating art form through a series of fun activities.

Travel Through Time with Uncle Ting
Travel Through Time with Uncle Ting

Travel through time with news journalist, Uncle Ting to complete a series of tasks and unlock a time capsule! Through this self-guided activity, learn more about the history of the Chinese community in Singapore in the 20th century.

Color Our Collection
Colour Our Collection

Add colour to our collections with these colouring sheets and learn more about history through these artefacts, suitable for all age groups.

Crossword Puzzles
Crossword Puzzles

How much do you know about Singapore’s history? Put your knowledge to the test with this series of creative crossword puzzles that are bound to spark inquisitive minds.

DIY Cultural Crafts Lion Dance Mask
Do-It-Yourself Cultural Crafts

Learn more about Chinese culture through play. Children can get creative with these hands-on cultural craft kits, perfect for home-based learning for parents and educators alike.

Download activity kits:

Other Resources
Celebrating Commonalities Festive Customs in Singapore
"Celebrating Commonalities: Festive Customs in Singapore"

Singapore is home to people from diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds. Discover how each community celebrates their festivals and learn more about the similarities amongst them.

* Available in English only
Balestier Heritage Trail
Balestier Heritage Trail

Embark on an exciting journey to discover the rich history and heritage of the Balestier precinct through this self-guided activity.

Download activity booklet
Programme Guide

Find out more about upcoming programmes and exhibitions in this quarterly guide.

Download programme guide:
Museum Brochure
Museum Brochure

Get an overview of the memorial hall’s history, gallery content, key artefacts, and contact information.



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