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Student Guide Training Programme

Level: Seconday - Tertiary

Heritage education plays a key role in maintaining and celebrating our identity, and establishing a foundation so that we can look with confidence to the future. The Student Guide Training Programme is an initiative that seeks to encourage discovery and appreciation of Singapore’s heritage in a fun and immersive way. Student guides have the opportunity to conduct tours of Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall’s galleries and/or special exhibitions to guests including Ministers on official visits, fellow students on learning trips and/or members of public. For more details, please email

Youth Invasion @ SYSNMH

Level: Secondary – Tertiary

Take over the Memorial Hall and be in charge! Students will be given the opportunity to co-create and/or conduct educational activities for members of the public. Through this activity, they will gain insights into museum operations and experience public engagement. For more details, please email

Cultural Performances @ SYSNMH

Level: Preschool - Tertiary

Bring Chinese culture alive as a student performer! Students will be given the platform at the Memorial Hall’s signature events, namely Wan Qing Festival of Spring, Wan Qing Dragon Boat Festival and Wan Qing Mid-Autumn Festival to perform and showcase their talents. For more details, please email

SYSNMH’S Travelling Exhibition

Level: Primary - Tertiary

Travelling exhibitions co-curated by Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall and partners are available for loan to educational institutions. Students can learn various aspects of Singapore’s history and values through these exhibitions. Available in English and Mandarin. For more details, please email

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