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Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall
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18 Nov 2023 - 18 Nov 2023
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2pm - 3.30pm
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Free; limited spaces available, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Former Keng Teck Whay building (Yu Huang Gong today) (1956)
Reproduced with permission from National Archives of Singapore

The talk is conducted in Mandarin.

Where is the Keng Teck Whay (KTW)? This earliest Chinese Brotherhood and Mutual Aid organization in Singapore has remained mysterious throughout its nearly two hundred years of existence. The mystery lies in the fact that membership is only passed on to the descendants of the founders, and then only to the eldest son. The activities of the KTW were also not publicized. In recent years, with the discovery of new historical materials, the mystery of KTW has gradually been revealed. What has happened to the KTW over the past two hundred years? And what is its current situation? In this talk, renowned local historian Kua Bak Lim will use a wealth of historical pictures, together with information from the newly discovered KTW logbooks to address audience's curiosity.

About the Speaker

Mr Kua Bak Lim
Kua Bak Lim is a renowned historian in Singapore and overseas. He is the Council Member and Chairman of Research Committee, Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations (SFCCA). He is also the author and editor of notable publications such as A General History of the Chinese in Singapore. In 2019, he was awarded the prestigious Singapore Chinese Cultural Contribution Award.

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