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Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall
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17 Jun 2023 - 10 Dec 2023
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Multiple sessions available
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$8 per pax

Date: 17 June- 10 December 2023
Time: 10am - 11.30am (Sunday only) 11.30am - 1pm, 1pm - 2.30pm (Sunday only), 2.30pm - 4pm, 4pm - 5.30pm
Admission: $8 per pax, group of 4 - 5 pax recommended; purchase tickets via Peatix. Tickets available from 19 May 2023, 6pm onwards.

More information will be updated on the Peatix website periodically. 

Suitable for participants aged 10 years and above. Recommended group size of 4 – 5 pax. The game is conducted in English. 

You and your team are called in to investigate the disappearance of a renowned researcher who has vanished while studying a mysterious 19th century artefact. The researcher was known for his obsession with the artefact's historical significance and is believed to have used a forbidden method of time travel that has left him trapped in the past.

To find and rescue the researcher, you and your time will need to navigate through twists and turns to uncover clues and solve puzzles. But beware, as there may be those who would go to great lengths to keep the researcher hidden, and the dangers of the forbidden method of time travel are ever-present.

Can you locate the missing researcher and bring him back to safety before it's too late? The clock is ticking, and time is running out. The fate of the researcher rests in your hands. Can you complete the mission and bring him back to the present? 

Posted by : Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

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